Abuse detection triggered


My app occasionally receives 403 errors with the message: “You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism. Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”

The app is using regular APIs, well within configured rate limits, behaving consistently across time, and usually operates from the same IP for weeks at a time - therefore is there something that can be fixed on the GitHub side to prevent this “false positive” abuse detection? Frankly it seems like an ephemeral bug just like the 502 Bad Gateway responses that pop up equally frequently.


:wave: Hi, @rarkins. It’s very hard to offer any advice without any specific details. Could you please provide the integration and installation id for the application which this is related to, the value of the x-github-requst-id header included in all API responses for one of the request which was limited, and a list of API endpoints you’re calling?

This error is likely not a false positive and for that reason something we’d consider fixing – these anti abuse rate limits are documented here: