Accessing truncated Blob from GraphQL


I’m currently using GraphQL to get source file contents, however some files are extremely large (e.g. 20,000 lines), and some of the file contents are being truncated, understandably.
Is there a way to access the truncated data?
My current query is:

query {{
            repository(owner: \"{owner}\", name: \"{repo}\") {{
              object(expression: \"{rev}\") {{
                ... on Blob {{

Appreciate the help!


Hi @roger-lai!

It looks like there’s quite a bit going awry in here - Looking at the REST v3 API, it looks like you should be able to fetch objects up to 100MB there, and it looks like the URL returned there is correct for Blobs.

I’ve filed an internal bug report on this, and I’ll update this thread when any changes have been made.