Add a custom tab to a repository via the API



I´d like to add a custom tab to a repository via the API. We generate build and deployment jobs for repositories in an automated way. With this API, we could also add tabs as links to e.g. the generated build job or to a deployment ui within the setup process. Are there plans to support something like this in the future?



Hi @Fabian-K,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by tab. Do you mean the UI tabs on the Repository page? Things like Code, Issues, Pull Requests, Projects, etc?

If so, I’m not sure if that’s on GitHub’s roadmap, but if it were, you could probably get a head start by using the API, which I’d imagine would make it on a “deployments” tab. If this is something that you’d find valuable in the GraphQL API, we could add mutations to do so if you made a schema request.


Hi @bswinnerton,

yes, I was refering to UI tabs on the Repository page… and I also noticed that this only seems to be available in GitHub Enterprise? I´ll have a look into Deployments, thanks!