Add ability to query raw text with unicode emojis



Emojis are found in text in a lot of places; in my case I’m encountering them in repository descriptions. Currently they are replaced with Github emoji shortcode strings. It would be great to be able to optionally query description text with unicode emojis left alone. Emoji shortcode libraries are huge and add a lot to a client bundle; often you want to just display the original text natively. There is descriptionHTML but it adds wrapping divs and all the emojis are replaced with image tags that require styles.


I just discovered shortDescriptionHTML, which I missed because in the explorer it was alphabetically sorted way further down than description and descriptionHTML, which does not have the wrapper div tag.

Also, upon closer inspection I was plain wrong about the emojis being replaced with image tags. They are surrounded by a custom g-emoji element:

<g-emoji alias=\"dog\" fallback-src=\"\" ios-version=\"6.0\">🐶</g-emoji>

This seems to be harmless to leave there even if you are not using it, but it would still be nice to have descriptionRaw without the special HTML to avoid having to use dangerouslySetInnerHTML in React. Also, someone might be querying descriptions for a non-web project such as a native iOS app.


Hi @jaydenseric. Thanks for the request. I’ve opened an issue internally to look into supporting this. We can’t make any promises but we’ll update here if/when the field has been added.