All repositories a user has access to, that have integration installed


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I’m working on an application that includes a dashboard with all repositories the integration, and the user have access to. Following step 4 was the closest thing I could find, but sadly it requires an installation token, not a user token, or integration token. This is a problem because I want repositories from all installations the user has access to, not just a specific one.

Currently I am getting all repositories the user has access to, then filtering them by projects in our database. This is highly inefficent when dealing with users that have access to many repositories. My first thought was to use the new GraphQL API, but it seems to not include installation information.

The actual question / request:
Is there an easy way to do this without using a huge amount of requests. If there isn’t, are there plans to include it?


Hi @btkostner,

Thanks for your note! We’ve decided to rework this process and we’ll update you with more guidance on how to do this some time within the next 2 months. Thanks for your patience!


any updates on this topic?