Allow integration for organisations


First of all, thanks for the awesome new features just launched! :clap:

It would be great if integrations could be allowed to be installed in organiasations. My scenario is the nodejs-github-bot which is tailored to help multiple repos in the nodejs organisation, but not really useful for anyone else on GitHub. And allowing only my self to install the integration would not be of much help to me, as I’m not an organisation administrator.

Specifying multiple organisations would make it even more awesome, as we use a separate organisation to do early feature tests on this particular bot.


@phillipj the only way to allow an Integration to be installed on only a specific Organization is if the Organization creates and owns the integration. As you pointed out, you must be an Organization admin to do this.

We’ll definitely consider the request for additional options to specific where an integration may be installed, though it’s not something that’s currently in our plans.

Thanks for the detailed request!


Didn’t know organisations could create integrations, that’s absolutely worth a shot!

@jmilas thanks for the quick reply and protip :thumbsup: