Allow more installation options


Currently, when developing an integration the only choice is to:

  1. Keep private - Only allow this integration to be installed on the [user] account.
  2. Make Public - Allow this integration to be installed by any user or organization.

If I’m developing an integration via a personal account, there is no way for me to allow an organization to install the integration in order to develop for orgs. The inverse is also true, if the integration is created under an org, there is no way to allow it to be installed on a personal account for testing purposes.

It would be great if you could select any org or personal repos that you have access to for more fine grained installation permissions so you aren’t forced to make it public before it’s ready.


Bump. @keavy @jmilas


Hey @flynfish thanks for the bump, this is an interesting feature request and this is not currently in our roadmap. I’ll pass this feedback along to the Integrations team and notify you through this thread if there are any updates.