API Call hangs for a GitHub App


Hello there,

I’m seeing a weird behavior of get-contents API endpoint for my GitHub App. My app is trying to get contents of a file it has access to and the API call just hangs. It doesn’t seem to be rate-limited since in case of hitting a limit API calls just fail. But in my case it just hangs until it times out in 5 minutes.

I haven’t changed anything about how my App communicates with GitHub in months and it was working perfectly before today. I don’t know how to debug it since there is no feedback from GitHub API(it just hangs).

I would appreciate if someone from GitHub can take a look and maybe scrape some logs. My GitHub App id is 3232. It started around 11AM PST today and still continues.


Suddenly it started working again. Overall this behaviour laster for a little bit over an hour and then for an additional hour it was a bit flaky on and off.

But I still wonder what happent and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Maybe GitHub Webhook Event for an app that required a single file access can just include contents of the file within the payload for events like push and pull_request?


I looked in the logs for the past 3 days and did not find any requests that matched the get-contents route that you linked to. Do you have any additional information from your side of logging to help narrow things down? Did it happen for specific files, or have you noticed it since?


@jch thank you for your response! Maybe you can try to look at installation id 60535 for my organization? My app requested access to .cirrus.yml.


@fkorotkov I filtered based on the get-contents route for the past 6 days on installation_id 60535 and was unable to find any results for any paths. Unfortunately, our Splunk logging window is 7 days, so I don’t think I’ll have additional details for this specific case. If you notice it again, please let us know and I’ll add additional details to our internal tracking issue.