API returns null when there is data for the user


I’ve came across this issue for quite some time. So would greatly appreciate any help. I was doing a simple unirest.post() call to github v4 API on users with login. For some users, the returned response would have statusCode = 200 but data as null. It happened relatively often so I thought I’d check myself if that’s true. So I did manual search on github using the login and would find out there is actually data for that account. The request-id for one of them is ‘DB98:1276:54B3A03:C885FE5:5B4959F6’.

Also I’m experiencing “502 bad gateway error” very often. So I’m wondering if there are other people here had similar issue. Again, any feedback would be of great help!



Hi @Attryy! Can you give us an example of the query you’re using? That will help us better understand what is going on. Thanks!