Boolean for org owner/admin in member list




I’m retrieving the member list for an organization and need to include if each member is an owner/admin of the org as well.

Currently I use the graphql api to get the members and then also use REST to get members with an role=admin query param finally merging all the results together.

Is there a role/admin/owner field or filter that I’m missing? isSiteAdmin seems like it’s global GitHub admins.


Hi @bjallen,

Thanks for your inquiry. At this time we don’t have the ability to filter by or query for organization membership. I’ve added your request to our internal tracker. We’ll update this thread when we have some more information.




We sorely need this as well. Having a permission field on Organization.members (UserConnection), with a value like OrganizationInvitationRole. What is the most efficient way to get the Role for each member in an organization now, when the organization has installed a GitHub App with all needed permissions?