Boolean for PullRequestReview to indicate "last" review by an author



When a reviewer reviews a PR multiple times, each review gets stored, and can be retrieved. It’d be nice if we had a way to only retrieve the “final” review, the one that’s shown in the UI. Otherwise we have to do a lot of post-processing to iterate through each review by a given author to find the “last” one.

Although this may be thwarted by the fact that a comment review can be submitted after a vote of APPROVED or CHANGES_REQUESTED, and the comment review will not change the state of that earlier review and how it applies to the PR, so that bit might need to get cleaned up as well.

Basically, I’m looking for a way via the API to get the last review that matters, the last review per user of a APPROVED or CHANGES_REQUESTED state.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve logged this as an internal Issue.


That would be very nice, another thing that I’d like to know is if the review was requested, or if it’s a spontaneous review.
Right now when you request someone for a review he appears in the review requested, but once he gives that review he disappears from that list to appear in the reviews.
This means that there is no way to know if the review was really requested by the PR author (or someone else), or not