Bug: misformatted query



While fetching the last 100 commits of a specific repository, a hiccup in my own code made me find this one:

{"errors": [{"message": "Something went wrong while executing your query. This is most likely a GitHub bug. Please include \"6DA68A2A:2ADAC:B83E785:58617707\" when reporting this issue."}], "data": null}

The problem on my side was that I forgot to format my query with the desired user and repo name and the following (wrong) query was sent:

payload = {"query": "query {repository (owner:\"%s\" name:\"%s\") {description ref(qualifiedName: \"master\"){target {... on Commit {history(first:100) {edges {node {author {date}}}} } }}} }"}




You’re right! I’ve got a fix for this and should be able to ship it soon. Thank you for the report!


We just deployed a fix for this so you should now get an accurate error message that’s a bit more helpful. :smiley: