Can GitHub Apps be interactive?



I would like to take up a Symfony certification within the next 9 months; this is the time left before my child will be born, so… either now or never :wink:

I’m thinking of creating a quiz app. Which should help me learn and prepare better for the certification. I did some resaerch and read the introduction to the Apps but… I can’t seem to find anything (or it’s just that obvious that it’s not explicilty said)

So my question is: can GitHub Apps be interactive? Meaning the app should not do any static code analysis of the code in the PR but show a quiz question and expect a correct answer from a PR creator; If the answer is wrong the status check fails and you can not merge :slight_smile:



I’m pretty sure the app can be anything you want, it’s really more of a way of programmatically accessing github.

However I don’t believe mere github apps can modify github itself, so you’d need a way to present your quiz to the user e.g. maybe the app posts a message on the PR and the creator replies to the app with their answer, or the app posts a status/check with a link to the offsite quiz, or the app is paired with a browser extension which can augment Github’s UI with some sort of integrated quiz interface, …