Can I install GitHub app on repository while it is not added to the organization?



Just curious to know if it is possible to install a github app on the repository while the same is not yet available in the organization in which this repo exist?

Bhupender Agarwal


Hey @BhupenderAgarwal24,

not sure to understand the question. Could you put an example of a GitHub App not being available to an Organization? Are you maybe referring to a user-owned GitHub App, only visible to the owning user?



@vroldanbet with my question I mean if it is possible to install app directly on the repository. For example, I want to install an app from marketplace but rather than going via organisation would I be able to install it for the repo I own.

However, in further investigation I found out that it is not possible to have GitHub app install directly on repository.

I think I got my answer. Feel free to close this topic



I see, thanks for clarifying that. It is possible to install GitHub Apps for repositories owned by individual users. Are you finding difficulties to achieve this? Can you describe the flow your are following, maybe posting some screenshots where the friction surfaces?