Can we have some status updates on Marketplace?


First up, I know this forum is primarily intended for Github App API questions, and have seen this previous question. I’d also encourage anyone who has general questions about listing to read these docs.

With that said, I imagine a large number of GitHub App authors have an interest in the Marketplace, so I think a question about it here is pertinent enough. I’ve been struggling with the lack of information available on the Marketplace approval process, and I imagine there are others in the same situation. In particular:

  1. General timelines: It’s been a month since Marketplace launched and no new apps have been added. Does that mean GitHub intends to add apps in batches? If so, can we get any timeline info?
  2. Billing for non-marketplace apps: Marketplace will handle billing for listed apps. That’s awesome, and means a better experience for customers and apps. But it leaves apps aspiring to get into the Marketplace in a bind: should they implement their own billing systems whilst they wait to be listed? One solution would be for GitHub to handle billing for apps that aren’t “featured” in the Marketplace. Are there any plans for this? If now, how does GitHub expect new apps to get started, whilst acquiring the 250 installations required for listing?
  3. Communication/timings for individual listings: We submitted a Marketplace listing application for Dependabot over a month ago, and have heard nothing since 2nd of June (despite a few chasing emails). I totally appreciate you guys are busy, but it would be awesome if you could do something to set expectations. Perhaps a link from the Approval requested badge on each app’s Marketplace page saying how many apps you’re reviewing each day and what the typical wait time is? I’m sure it would save you guys some nagging emails!

Apologies if the above sounds negative - I think the high-quality of the listings already in the Marketplace is awesome, and testament to a thorough review process. I think GitHub Billing is a fantastic idea, and I understand that you guys must be inundated with listing requests as a result. I’d just like a bit more certainty for all the GitHub App developers out there. Some of us have been working on apps full-time for months, and reliant on a Marketplace listing so we can start collecting any money!


Hey @greysteil,

Thanks for posting this feedback here! We appreciate your comments and are always looking for ways to improve. We don’t have any timeline for processing of GitHub Marketplace applications as this is largely dependent on the number of applications we receive (this varies from month to month) and our cadence for bringing new applications in. We’re working on a monthly cadence at the moment.

From the billing perspective, we do have public facing documentation on the Marketplace API and Marketplace webhooks. These can be used for reference if you’d like to plan around being in GitHub Marketplace in the future.

Hope this helps!