Check if the repo has an issue template



I know this is far fetched, Would it be possible to add this?
We would like to be able to load the issue template, checking if the repo has it would be an extra api call.
Something like containsIssueTemplate or containsContributingTemplate



Probably what is more likely is something representing the community guidelines:

For your case, it might need to happen through fetching the files themselves and identifying if a template exists.

Out of curiosity though (I’m not against a separate field per se), what would the use case be?


We have an app for github called fasthub. It would be nice that when a user opens an issue we should be able to load the repo’s issue template.
In order to do that we would first have to check if the repo has a template. Each api call is lag on the user end. Knowing the there is one saves time and we may be able to implement it.


@gjtorikian any chance that this would be implemented? Or we should forget about it for now?


I’ve put it on our backlog for the time being!