Check user access for a given repo


I have build a Github App which creates code reports for each commit, this app works fine.

Now I want to make this report accessible to all users wich have access to the related repo.
I want to do this via the OAuth possibilities of the Github App.

My OAuth Login through the App works, I god a User access token.
If I call with this token everything looks fine.
But If I read I got a 404.
Under I only got the public repos.

How can I verify that a OAuth User of my App has access to a specific private repo?


You want and

It has to be a two-step process, I’m afraid.


Step one works and gives me

  "installations": [
      "id": 99999,

But, if I fetch I got a 404.


My error. It’s installations, not installation in that second URL, too.


It works, thx.

It would be great to have the ability to check this with a single call.

Why does /repos/<org>/<name> didn’t work?