Cloning repositories with submodules


Hi all,

My application is currently cloning via the following command:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://x-access-token:<token>

This works fine when the repository has no submodules or the submodules use a relative path. However, if the repository contains a submodule which points to another repository (see below) then my application will be prompted to supply a password with the above command. Is there something I should be doing in these cases? Do I need to recursively modify .gitmodules to include the token for applicable URLs?

[submodule "foobar"]
 	path = foobar
	url =
	branch = master


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Something like this could work:

[url "https://x-access-token:<token>"]
    insteadOf =

Passing it to git via -c should also work since this is more of a temporary thing.


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