Commit avatars for bots


Tiny request: currently, the avatar for bots on commits is an empty GitHub logo - see the commits on this pull request for an example. Would be awesome if that pulled in the app logo, in the same way the conversation page pulls it in for comments and pull request description.


Hey @greysteil, thanks for reporting the issue. This is on our backlog of things to fix soon.


Quick bump on this, as I’m hoping it’s quite an easy change and we’ve just had a user mention it to us here. Any chance of a fix anytime soon?


@greysteil It looks like there was some discussion on the issue, but it’s not clear what the status is. I’ve asked a follow-up question there.


@greysteil the team agrees that this should be fixed. There is some underlying refactoring we would like to tackle in this page that this change depends on, so we do not have a definite timeline for this.


For anyone else waiting on this one, there’s a workaround: if you set the commit author’s email address when creating commits then GitHub will display the gravatar associated with that email, as long as it’s rated “G”. We now create all Dependabot PRs with the email and our gravatar gets pulled in. :tada:


Hey team,

This just came up again in a situation where the gravatar workaround doesn’t work. Any chance you could make the gravatar workaround work there in advance of doing the required refactoring and fixing this more generally?


Looks like this is now fixed in the case I mentioned above, so the workaround now works everywhere (if it’s even still necessary?).