Computational Fluid Dynamics and C++



I started to work on my graduation project and it’s about CFD and searching algorithms. My goal is creating 3d models randomly and with data from my own CFD program, optimizing them automatically using searching algorithms for creating an optimized car model. When I talked about my project with my professor, he told me to use C++. I will code CFD program with c++ so I need guidelines about how can I do it. I had ideas about a c++ program that will use other 3d engines(like creating a model and displaying it and its’ fluid movements in unity) but I don’t have any clue about how to do it.


  • How can I create a 3d model just using codes.(Like giving it coordinates and it will create model)

  • How can I display it using C++. When I run my program, I want to see 3d model and fluid’s movement

Any ideas/suggestions would be awesome.


Hey there, thanks for your post.

This is the forum for the GitHub GraphQL API and the GitHub Apps feature.

I’d recommend asking for help in the CodeNewbie forum (—they aren’t focused on a specific technology or language, and there are a bunch of really helpful people who might be able to point you in the right direction.