Confirmation/Documentation of PEM Format


Hi - I am attempting to write a GitHub App, and ran into something ambiguous. The PEM private key generated for the App’s use isn’t documented as to what format it is in (PEMs can be PKCS#1, PKCS#8, etc). This can matter for certain libraries, so it would be useful information to know for sure.

According to my research, I think the key generated is PKCS#1 (

In short:

  1. Could someone more familiar with GitHub Apps confirm this?
  2. What would be the best way to get a suggestion to the apps/documentation team specifically to add to the documentation what format it is to save future app developers a couple hours? If the doc is tucked into a GitHub repo somewhere I failed to find, I’d be more than happy to contribute a pull request to help!

Thanks for the great work - otherwise so far the process has been one of the better-documented I’ve worked through


Hi @romeara, I’m not certain which format it’s in, but I’ll figure it out and report back here. I’ll see about documenting it as well.


Hi @romeara, this certainly took some digging.

I can confirm that the format generated is PKCS#1.

I’ve opened an issue in our docs repository to figure out the best place/way to document this.