Confused about mutations. Are they more limited than the REST api?



As i understand it, GraphQL is supposed to be new way of working with GitHub api, it is supposed to have more, or better functionality. But i look at the mutations and i see very limited functionality as opposed to REST.
My goal is to make “Feedback” for my project so that people can create issues for my repository directly from my site. So i go to REST documentation and i see “Issues” section which seems to provide such functionality. But then i read about GraphQL and decide to give it a shot, read through official guide to the part where it discusses mutations. So i go to mutatuions reference and i see only creating comment to an issue, creating project, adding reaction. It doesn’t look like you can do a lot with it. Am i missing something? I hope i am.


:wave: Hi @Coykto,

We’re still working on building out full partiy with our REST API. I don’t believe that there is currently a mutation to create issues yet, but feel free to create a schema request and we can prioritize it!