Connecting issues and PRs in Projects


I was playing around with Projects, and I noticed a potential improvement. It seems to me that it would be useful to have some way of connecting an Issue card to a PR card, so they move like a single, connected unit.

Referring to the below image, here’s the process I’m considering. Issues get added to the “Proposed” list, then are either moved to “Approved” or “Rejected” (beyond the edge of the image). “Approved” issues then get a branch (or fork) and a PR while they’re being implemented, and this PR added to the board under “In Progress”. From here I would have liked to have the two cards be represented as one unit as they moved down the board.

Now I’ve already come up with a few potential work-arounds (listed below), but they all leave me somewhat unsatisfied, and this seems to me like a potentially quite useful feature.

  • Manually move the Issue alongside the PR - This doesn’t visually represent the link in the Project view (which could be even more of a problem when addressing multiple similar Issues with one PR).
  • Mention the Issue in the PR comments (or vice versa) and remove the card from the Project - This puts the card back in the “Add Cards” list and removes the Project from the list on the Issues page.
  • Mention the Issue in the PR comments (or vice versa) and move the card to a list out of the way - Clicking on the Project from the Issue page links to the card on the board, but if the card is off to the side this is much less meaningful.

I’m curious to see if others agree or if I’m just being too pedantic (as I am known to be on occasion).


Thanks for the summary @NelsonCrosby. I agree and I’ve yet to find a solution. I tried Waffle, but we don’t think paying $49 / month is worthwhile at the moment. I haven’t tried ZenHub, but have seen an ~open~ [closed thread requesting this feature]](—and it’s supposedly live.

I’m interested to stick with Github Projects if this feature is part of a roadmap, though would be open to check out ZenHub.

EDIT added link to ZenHubIO thread