Create blobs, trees and create, delete and updating file mutations



It looks like the GraphQL API v4 does not yet include mutations for creating blobs, trees and for creating, deleting, updating file contents. Please let me know if I am missing something. If not, when will they be available? Should I add it to the list of schema requests? Thanks!


Hey @bamohan!

You are not missing anything - this has not been implemented at this point! I’ve filed an internal request, and we’ll update this thread when anything changes.


Thank You!


Should this mentioned in the intro of the Docs? Or at least in the “Migrating from REST” section, at least until it’s implemented? Having just spent a reasonable amount of time learning the GraphQL API and using parts of it, I’m pretty bummed to find out that this is missing.


Hate to bother, but are there any updates on this? It’s been a couple months and I’d rather not have to build something new with the old API.


I guess I can count this in response to my [question] (Beginner questions: CRUD) also, right?


I still don’t understand this sentence in Using the Explorer guide:

About the Explorer
GraphQL Explorer is an instance of GraphiQL, which is a “graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE.”

Note: GitHub has disabled mutations in the Explorer, but you can use them in your own GraphiQL instance.

Can someone please explain what that means regarding this topic?
Thanks in advance for any hint!