Create issue doesn't allow labels


Read & Write for issues is set in my integration. Creating an issue works just fine. However setting the labels is not working. According to the docs I need push access to the repo to set the labels. This makes no logical sense in a permission settings.

Push access would allow the integration to push to the repo. However I only want to work with the issues and comments to issues to limit the access of the integration. Given that if I make a new integration with Push access this would leave a potential security hole in an integration only designed to manipulate the issues.


Hi @Shinrai :wave:

So for Integrations you only need issues write permissions to create a label.

Would you mind posting some code so that we can help you debug your issue, or figure out if it’s an issue on our side?




Hey @Shinrai we figured out this is a bug on our end, a fix for it is coming :soon:

Thanks for the report!


@Shinrai I’ve deployed a fix for this issue, please let us know if you run into anymore issues.