Do you have a plan to support WebSocket for Projects



First, I apologize this is not the question about REST API.

I see the projects web page follow the Projects API requests.
I figure out the project page is using websocket to receive the changes.

I’m looking into the Projects API to develop Mac GUI application.
And I found no way to receive the realtime event about the actions in Projects web page.

Do you have a plan to support the projects API websocket version?



:wave: @mtgto,

We plan to add support for real time events about Projects in the form of webhooks (as opposed to web sockets as your post mentions) in the near term. I’d be happy to circle back and update this post as soon as support is added, but keep an eye on the GitHub Developer Blog for any such announcements.



Hi @bswinnerton,

It is good news for me about webhooks support!
But my macOS app can’t receive webhooks (it is not web server, for now),
trying to call REST APIs periodically.

Thanks your quick reply, @bswinnerton !!


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