Exposing installation configuration information


I’m looking into creating an integration which will connect organizations and individual repos with entities in our environment. Each repo or org may be connected to a different entity in our environment.

Once the integration was installed on an organization, the entity associations would be configured from our side, but I’d really like some way to add a note or label of some sort in GitHub to display the name of the entity in our system which is connected to the organization or interacting with a particular repo.

The only entity I see that exists at both the repo and organization level is a Project. Now, we could certainly create a project and use its name and description to communicate the existence and nature of the connection with specific entities in our system, but that seems like that might be abusing the mechanism.

Is there some other thing we could use for this purpose (like an actual note or label)?

The net result I want is for a user to be able to go to a repo and see that “External Entity X is monitoring this repo via Integration Y” or “This organization is connected to External Entity X via Integration Y”. I don’t really care what the exact mechanism is, as long as it seems natural to users and lets them know where to go in our system.

I’d be equally happy with some kind of per-installation link that could point users to our configuration page for their organization. Any ideas?