Feature Request: Allow placing per-file and per-directory watches in repositories



A lot of times users and developers don’t want to be subscribed to a whole project. This is especially true if it is a very active project with a lot of new pull requests and issues opened. Instead one would like to be only notified about changes to certain files or all files in a certain folder. So I propose a new feature that works similar to inotify (without the crappy API) and I will borrow terminology from there.

How Would It Work?

It would be excellent if one could place watches on specific files and folders in a repository and only be notified when pull requests or changes to such files or folders are made.

  • When a folder or file is removed a notification will be sent out and the watch is automatically discarded.
  • When a folder or file is renamed transparently the watch is kept, otherwise automatically discarded.


  • Users Interested In Tracking Specific Features Or Modules Of A Project:
    This would be beneficial for users who are interested in tracking a specific feature or module of a project. Especially users tracking many different projects might feel overwhelmed by the amount of notifications. It is time intensive and skews the signal-noise ratio. Having this feature would make this way easier.

  • Avoiding Thundering Herd Problems (Subsystem/Feature Specific Maintainers)
    Projects that have something similar to the kernel’s subsystem maintainers might want specific people to be automatically informed when a pull request is made against that module while not being notified about others. This again helps the signal-noise ratio which is important since going through pull requests is time intensive.