Feature Request: Files field in PullRequest


To get number of files changed by a Pull Request just like v3.


I’d added this to our backlog!


Hey @cPhost,

We’ve just added the filesChanged field to the PullRequest object in our schema! Thanks for the feature request :slight_smile:


Thanks. @gjtorikian, @d12


Hi, Can’t seem to find filesChanged in the PullRequest Documentation:
link to pull request doc

Is this open but not documented yet or just not yet out?

If it’s out - can you share/document the schema?



@cohenjo it is atually documented at https://developer.github.com/v4/reference/object/pullrequest/ as changedFiles instead of filesChanged


Whoops, that was a typo in my message. Sorry!


@d12 can we also get files field that has all the file name and changes and other thing… like v3.


This is something we’ll be working on very soon. I’ll comment here when I have an update.