[Feature Request] GraphQL Explorer Bookmark/Save Query


Right now when I use the GraphQL Explorer to build queries, I have to copy/paste my query into a file on my computer for later use if I need to leave the site.

I’d love it if we had a way to bookmark or save queries to easily load for later use. Since you require login, I think that saving it would be a good option. Otherwise, have it generate a URL that can be bookmarked.

This would allow us to easily load up queries used by our applications, and allow us to name them as well for quick reference. If a permalink is made, it would also allow us to leave a comment in our app code which will load up the GraphQL Explorer with a specific query.

Hopefully others will find this useful. :slight_smile:


Hi @quantumpacket!

This is a great suggestion! It looks like the GraphiQL project added a history feature, I will take a look at what that would take to get running on our instance!

Thanks for the suggestion :smile: