Fetching Reactions for a commit comment


Trying to fetch reactions for a commit comment returns a 404 using a user’s OAuth token (vs Integration) returns a 404.

Not sure if the URL is correct but it appears to be:


This a public test repo and is open. The commit sha is 02689ea061c90c9de53c2bff063f6d3f524f9e65. I can fetch other reactions like Issue Comments just fine.


@jhaynie Given the Reactions API is in Preview and not part of the official V3 API, it’s not something that’s currently supported via Integrations at the moment.

We have added Integrations support for Preview APIs on an ad hoc basis, though, so I’d like to leave this open to see if there are other requests for this in the meantime.


Hey @jhaynie, I just wanted to follow-up here that we’ve enabled the Reactions API to be accessed by Integrations :tada:.


that’s awesome sauce.! yeah


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