Getting error on commits from different repositories


Hi, I’m getting unexpected errors when getting commits from some repositories
In general, I get the following response:

Something went wrong while executing your query. This is most likely a GitHub bug. Please include "EFD1:75F8:387BEE:7E0CA1:5971716C" when reporting this issue.


query($owner:String!, $repo:String!, $branch:String!, $after:String) {
    repository(owner: $owner, name: $repo) {
      ref(qualifiedName: $branch) {
        target {
          ... on Commit {
            history(first: 100, after: $after) {
              pageInfo {
              commits:nodes {
                author { name email date user { login id:databaseId type:__typename }}
                committer { name email date user { login id:databaseId type:__typename }}
                signature { email is_valid:isValid payload signature }
                status { state contexts { context description created_at:createdAt } }
                tree { oid }

Any of these parameters throws an error:

-> “DBDC:75FA:55413B:B2E6BF:59716D15”

{"owner":"webdriverio","repo":"webdriverio","branch":"master","after":"4f5f7d7e8e70782dabd7fc47af50a100235ef6a6 299"}
-> “E385:75F8:380759:7D13FD:59716F91”

-> “E9BD:75F8:383B91:7D8AD1:59717079”

{"owner":"swagger-api","repo":"swagger-ui","branch":"TopbarPluginWithSelect","after":"5e0354a6cdd29601188db606eb991c0153f9a807 199"}
-> “E366:75F8:380683:7D1244:59716F8D”

{"owner":"ryanmcdermott","repo":"clean-code-javascript","branch":"master","after":"288bf218d9ae324f540108105599ec48db74488f 99"}
-> “EBCA:75F8:3852B7:7DB8BE:597170CA”

{"owner":"chmln","repo":"flatpickr","branch":"gh-pages","after":"962f5f323b66c7295c5d0a33ee83faafe6cb65f5 499"}
-> “EB43:75FB:5570D0:C7DEB6:597170B4”

{"owner":"ryanmcdermott","repo":"clean-code-javascript","branch":"master","after":"288bf218d9ae324f540108105599ec48db74488f 99"}
-> “EBCA:75F8:3852B7:7DB8BE:597170CA”

-> “EFD1:75F8:387BEE:7E0CA1:5971716C”


Thanks for all those details! Let me take a look and see if I can find the issue…


Hi, sorry for the long turn-around but I’ve just merged a fix! We had to improve how we handled non-ASCII characters of GitSignature.payload, of all things :sweat_smile:

Please let me know if you see any more errors like that!


Hi @rmosolgo, thank you for fixing this error :grinning:

… and just a quick question: how can I get the parents of a commit using this v4 API?
This information comes by default on v3 …


That’s not possible by GraphQL right now, I’ll take note of that request!


Hey @hsborges,

We’ve just added a parents connection to the Commit object. Thanks for your feature request!