Github API: How to get Subscribers timestamp?


Hello Everyone,

How do I request the timestamp of when users subscribed to a certain repository? It is easy to do for stars but I do not see a way to do it for other attributes such as subscribers.

I am gathering info using Github’s API, specifically stars and watchers data on different repositories. I am easily able to grab star data using

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stargazers

and if I use the header

Accept: application/

I am able to generate the time of creation for each star. I would like to gather the same data on watchers. I am using

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/subscribers

which gives me most of the data, however it does not give a creation time. On the Github API documentation page for watchers there is no listing of what header to input so that the request will include the creation time in a similar fashion as described on their page for stargazers. Does anyone know how to call this information in the request?