GitHub App - basic guide to receiving Webhook calls for an Org



I’m getting started with a GitHub App and a stuck.

A simplistic initial goal for the App is to receive and store fine-grained updates (via a webhook) that relate to Issues and PRs on repos within an Organization that has the App “installed” on “all repositories”.

I’ve reviewed the choosing an integration type page and it would appear the GitHub App webhook should receive Issue and PR webhook requests if it’s configured correctly.

GitHub Apps automatically has a single webhook that receives the events it’s configured to receive for every repository it has access to.

In configuring the GitHub App I’ve granted read-only permissions to all groups and ticked all the checkboxes in the “Subscribe to events” section. My webhook is working properly and receives “integration_installation” events.

There are issues and PRs being raised on repositories in the Org but I’m not seeing any webhook events being sent.

Am I misunderstanding the types of events the GitHub App webhook should receive?

Any guidance on how to debug this would be appreciated.


@dwightgunning It sounds like your understanding things correctly and have things set up as expected. You can look at the recent webhook deliveries for your GitHub App at<your-app-name>/advanced. Do you see any related deliveries there or any failed deliveries?


Very relieved to hear that it should work the way I was expecting.

No failed webhook deliveries.

Based on your feedback I looked closer into the ‘installation’ events and was able to figure out that the organization installation (which I’d asked a colleague to do) didn’t happen.

After correcting that, the webhook events are coming across as you’d expect. So that’s a user error.

Thanks for your help!