GitHub app - Check Requested webhook not appearing for fork to main push



I enabled my GitHub App to listen to Check_Requested webhook. I always get that webhook whenever I push my changes to my repo ( i.e. creating a branch and then creating a PR to merge it ). However, I don’t see this webhook being triggered if I fork my main repo, make my changes and then submit a PR to merge my changes from fork to the main branch. Are there any plans to activate a Check-run event webhook if a user attempts to create a PR from a fork to the main repo ? I am asking this because many of our contributors typically fork the repo, make their changes and then push their changes to the main repo. This prevents me from checking/validating their changes using the Checks feature in GitHub as of now if users do the same.

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The check_run webhook is triggered when a check is created, rerequested, or has a requested_action. See:

I think what you want to be listening on is push events or pull_request (specifically pull_request.opened) events. Listening on when pull requests are opened will allow you to trigger a check for every new PR.


@hiimbex Actually, my request is for the CheckSuiteEvent. This event, as of today, gets trigerred only when I push changes to a particular repository in the form of a branch merge i.e. , if I create a branch , push my changes and then create a PR, I would then get the CheckSuite Event with a “Requested” action.

My ask is, if I fork my repo, make my changes and then create a PR to merge my fork to the original repo, then the CheckSuiteEvent should also be trigerred in such a condition with the “Requested” action. Not just for branch pushes but even from forked repo pushes.


Ah, I thought you were referring the the CheckRunEvent and totally misunderstood!

This is the current behavior; however, it is something we are discussing internally. In the meantime, I’d recommend exploring your options on also listening for pull request and/or push events.


@hiimbex Thanks… Yes, we are working with workarounds as of now. Pull Requests have a different purpose in our API so using the same webhook for Checks makes it slightly cumbersome to manage dual behaviors. Nonetheless, we are good as of now… but would definitely support that feature.