GitHub App Integration API/Flow


I have a few questions on how an integrated GitHub Application should ideally be setup.

I am able to setup and authenticate a new GitHub App, however, I am not able to access the api endpoints I’m expecting. For example, after an Organization installs my application, I can get the organization’s repositories via this endpoint:


But that seems to be the only endpoint w/ my installed app authentication that returns any data (and I do have scopes/permissions enabled).

Some of the requests I’d like to make once a user has installed my application:

Get Organization -> I’d like to be able to get the organizational info, such as the Name for instance and any other meta data about the organization that just installed my application.

Get Organization Members -> I’d like to get a list of members that have access to the organization.

Is this possible? Or can I only get this info via webhook payloads…or??? Do I need to also OAuth the user or something to have full API access (and/or should I be doing this anyways…)…

Any help is appreciated.


The granular permission you need to get information about members is called “organization members”.


The documentation about which endpoints you have access to with that permission are here:

I know we’ve been working on enabling more endpoints, so keep an eye on that section of the docs, as we’ll be adding to it shortly.

You might be able to get metadata from the GET /orgs/:org endpoint—again we’re in the middle of enabling more endpoints (and updating documentation). I’m not sure of the exact status right now, but it’s worth a shot.

You shouldn’t need OAuth Access.