Github app permission: default_repository_settings



I am trying to access the default_repository_settings org property via integration to check the default access for all members in a organization. lists that:
Many Organization response values require the user making the request to be authenticated, an organization owner, and have the admin:org scope authorized.

I am unsure what this means for GitHub Apps. There seems to be no admin:org scope available for GitHub Apps.

Is there something I am missing to access that property or would it be possible to make the property available in the future?



Hi @glaubinix,

That endpoint isn’t available for GitHub Apps yet. We’re in the middle of an audit to assess all the endpoints that have not been enabled and enable them.

I haven’t looked at the details of that endpoint yet, but my expectation is that we’d enable this one.

There will not be an “admin:org” scope, since we’re not using oauth scopes for GitHub Apps, but we may need to introduce a new permission that your app would have to ask for.


Hey @kytrinyx,
Is there any update on when this will become available?


@naderman No, unfortunately. I’ll post an update here when I have an ETA.


This is a pretty big issue for people who are in any way synchronizing org structure cause users don’t get permissions anything like what they expect as we cannot access this setting :confused:


Any plans to actually fix this?


Yes, it’s on the backlog along with all the other things that we plan to fix. I can’t promise any ETA, since it’s a very big backlog with many competing priorities.