GitHub Apps and Outside Collaborators


Hello –

I am working with a customer of Pull Reminders that grants access to their employees as Outside Collaborators instead of Members.

It looks like I can add support for Outside Collaborators to my app without too much pain, but I wanted to check here if there are any caveats I should be aware of?

One specific question, since it wasn’t 100% clear from the documentation – if User X is an outside collaborator for a repo in the WidgetCorp org, will WidgetCorp be returned for the List installations for user endpoint?


@abinoda - I’ve made you an outside collaborator on the Dependabot website, so you can test.


@greysteil Thanks for the help. I’ve confirmed that List installations for user does return orgs for which I am not a member but am an Outside Collaborator.


Awesome. Outside Collaborator status removed. :v: