GitHub Apps Commit as unknown author


I’ve created a GitHub application to automatically build docs from the latest commits. I can successfully get an access token for the installation and commit to the repository.

But in the commit history the committer shows up as unknown author. The documentations have no word about it and through the community forum, I’ve seen that the email address for the app may be in the scheme app-name[bot]
The app name is Yasmin/Livia Docs Bot and in the URL for the application page it says yasmin-livia-docs-bot, so I tried the email yasmin-livia-docs-bot[bot]

This email address shows up in the commit history, but no author gets accociated with it. Using the account email (mine) will show me as author.

Is there more to it or am I on the wrong path?


Hi @CharlotteDunois

As of right now this is the expected behavior, there’s a previous discussion here:

It’s something that we will fix, but not sure when it will happen.