Github GraphQL API responds back with error


Error Message: {u'errors': [{u'message': u'Something went wrong while executing your query. This may be the result of a timeout, or it could be a GitHub bug. Please includeD8BB:1D24:2C3407:386C5E:5ABAB3DDwhen reporting this issue.'}], u'data': u'null'}


@ujnamss would you mind pasting the query you are running?


Hi Katrina,

It was part of a big set of queries I didn’t make a note of the particular query. I thought based on the tracker Id you folks would be able to pull up the query.




We can. It can make things easier for us to see the query.

For example in this case the query contained:

after: "2bdf00a68097491fd56771110a8dbecb3b8edd35 3999"

We might have started by debugging this to see if the SHA can’t have spaces in it, probably without having to search our logs.

I’ll report this one to the team to see if we can handle the error better, though. Thanks!


@ujnamss It looks like the problem with the query is not the invalid cursor, but that the query is trying to pull too much data and timing out. I’d suggest that you try to pull fewer objects to see if that fixes it.


Ok cool.