GitHub UI components


I am working on a feature now that lets users write and submit GitHub pull request comments from my app.

My problem is that I want users to be able to use GitHub emoji’s, and if possible, also @mention other users when drafting their comments in my tool so that the experience is no different than writing a comment on GitHub.

Re-implementing this front-end experience in my app isn’t impossible, but it seems like it’d be a lot easier with a little bit of support from someone developer at GitHub. From inspecting the DOM I can see that GitHub already has some reusable code there.

Is there a way I could get support from someone at GitHub who’s involved with the front-end code I’m referring to?

My proposal is that I’d be happy to build and package the solution for this into an open-source component that could be used by all GitHub platform developers going forward! I imagine that this need will come up again in the future.


:wave: @abinoda,

I’m afraid we don’t have such component, but maybe this as a reference could be a good starting point to build your own:

this may also help

Thanks for the request, I’ve passed it on to the team.