GraphQL API fails while retrieving last 10 stargazers of facebook/react repository


I was trying to retrie the stargazers of some repos. While facebook/react repo has encountered, query failed.
I’ve got the following error:
“Something went wrong while executing your query. This is most likely a GitHub bug. Please include “36C4A1EA:0B78:79C6E89:58734042” when reporting this issue.”


Hey there ykaragol,

I used this query to fetch the last 10 stargazers for the facebook/react repository:

  repository(owner: "facebook", name: "react") {
    stargazers(last: 10) {
      edges {
        node {

Equivalent curl request:

curl -v -H “Authorization: bearer TOKEN” -X POST -d ‘{“query”: “{repository(owner: “facebook”, name: “react”) {stargazers(last: 10) {edges {node {id}}}}}”}’

The GraphQL API returned a 200 for me. If you’re still seeing that error, could you write back with the full curl -v output of the request you’re making so I can take a look?