GraphQL for Pages API?



I am building a documentation app for github. Would it be possible to query information about Page sites using GraphQL like in the v3 Pages API

Also, would it be possible to use a mutation to enable/configure Pages sites for a repo, a critical feature the v3 API does not yet support?



Hi @macp3o,

Thanks for this request. I’ve added it to our internal issue tracker. We’ll update you here when we have some more information to share.



Awesome! Thanks, Brooks.


Hiya! Has this made any progress by chance? We have a similar need, and right now we’re having to make a lot of requests to list all of someone’s repositories, then filter for has_pages on our end. It’s slow. :smiley:


Thank you for expressing interest in this :heart:. I’ve bumped our internal issue on this to see if we can prioritize it.