How about adding more categories?


Hey Github! I love that you have a new forum here, but there are only a few categories. How about a few more? Here are some suggestions…

  • Github REST API
  • Git Flow and other processes
  • General Discussion (mostly unmoderated community discussions about anything)

I think this community would grow faster if there were some more topics to discuss, and a place for random discussions, so we can all get to know each other better.


I support this idea, but of course, I also believe that is also a plan overtime.

and more suggestions -

Q&A categories (like stackoverflow, but for github platform forum)
Issues about Github platform itself



I just realized this ->

Get help from the GitHub Community

We’re grateful to have a community of more than 16 million
developers. While developers gain experience implicitly on GitHub as
they work alongside other developers, we know that’s not enough. To
help, we’re creating a dedicated space for you to learn from each
other—and to have conversations about GitHub itself.

The GitHub Community Forum will become a place where developers can
talk shop, get help, and learn together. It will also help us introduce
new features and improvements and give developers the ability to share
thoughts and feedback with us directly. Look out for the GitHub
Community Forum in 2017

so I think there will be a platform just for that…like stackoverflow or something like that. and Github Platform Forum is for the engineering talks about the Github itself.

Excited for Github Community Forum next year! :smile:


I think it would also be useful to add categories for existing features so the community may suggest areas they could be improved (which is even more relevant for new features which seem to usually be somewhat basic).


This space is intended for discussions specific to new GitHub Platform features that are in early access. We’ll be adding a space for broader community conversation some time next year with the release of the GitHub Community Forum.