How can I get the from/to columns from a MovedColumnsInProjectEvent?


I can query a moved columns event if I happen to know the node ID (perhaps I got it from the GitHub v3 API):

  node(id:"MDI2Ok1vdmVkQ29sdW1uc0luUHJvamVjdEV2ZW50MTQwMzA4MzcwOA==") {
    ... on MovedColumnsInProjectEvent {
      actor {login}


  "data": {
    "node": {
      "__typename": "MovedColumnsInProjectEvent",
      "actor": {
        "login": "mdo"
      "createdAt": "2017-12-28T01:56:29Z"

But there’s very important information missing here! Which issue was moved? Which column did it start in? And which column did it move to?

Is it possible to get this information?


Hi @danvk, thanks for the question! At the moment this information isn’t (yet) available, but it is definitely on our radar. We’ll follow up here with updates as we have them.