How can MovedColumnsInProjectEvent events be queried?



I noticed that a new event type MovedColumnsInProjectEvent had appeared in the docs, which would be potentially very useful information for our project management dashboards.

This might be obvious but… How can I query those events? They don’t seem to appear on the IssueTimelineConnection and I can’t find them anywhere else either.

Thanks for your help!



:wave: @TuomasTammi,

Sorry for the delay on this. It looks like we missed this post back when you opened it.

I just took a look through our schema and it looks like MovedColumnsInProjectEvent is an “orphan type”, meaning there’s nothing that references it yet - it’s just a placeholder at the moment. But that said, there’s a team hard at work at linking it up to the issue timeline. Sit tight :smile:.


Any updates on this one?



i’ve just sent a support request to GitHub, and now i’ve found this thread.

Any news on the MovedColumnsInProjectEvent addition to IssueTimelineConnection?


This mysterious event is supported in the GitHub v3 timeline API but you’d be hard-pressed to get much value out of it. The event doesn’t contain information about which columns the issue moved between.