How can we specify the position of new card



I develop Mac application for GitHub projects, and I have a question about Projects API.
“Create a project card” API has no parameter about the position of new card. (like top, bottom, after:3).
Are you planning to support the position of new card, Or need to “Move a project card”?


:wave: @mtgto,

Right now the only way to accomplish that would be to use both endpoints (create the card, and then move it) in quick succession.

I agree that this is less than ideal, and we should be able to easily add a position parameter to the create a card endpoint. I’ve created an internal issue to explore this and will follow up here if we decide to do so.

Thank you for the feedback!


Hi @bswinnerton,

Thanks to your answer, I choose to call twice endpoints right now.
(Actually, I want to use bottom position, because new card is not urgent in many cases.)