How do I create an issue?



I’m new to GraphQL.

I’ve just had a look at the GraphQL reference and cannot see any way to create an issue. It’s the first thing I’d like to attempt.

Can anyone provide me with a mutation that would allow me to do this? Or point me in the direction of the relevant documentation?

Many thanks!



Hi James!

You’re looking in the right spot. All available mutations are listed here:

As you noticed, there’s not a way to create an issue right now. I’ve added this request to our tracker and we’ll post on this thread when we have an update!


Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll get on with something else for the time being.



it’s been about six months. Have you any idea when this is going to happen? I’m not the only one who will be glad to see it.

Kind regards,



Hi @jecs-imperial. I’m afraid we don’t have any news to report right now. We’ll be sure to update this thread if/when the mutation is implemented.


Okay, Lizz. Thanks for getting back to me.