How do I use OrganizationInvitation


How do I use OrganizationInvitation?

I’m pretty new to graphql, and I don’t know how to use “Objects”. query doesn’t support that, and it doesn’t seem to be an edge or node from organization. I’m sure it’s straightforward but I’m kinda lost.


Hey @directionless, essentially you need to find a path from Query to OrganizationInvitation, following the connections & fields starting with Query.

I thought this would be quick to answer – Query > Organization > OrganizationInvitations – but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible… So at this point you’ll have to dig through the API docs starting with Query.

On how to work with connections vs fields, check this out.

Sorry not to be of more help. You could also wait for help from GitHub staff, but they’ve been kind of MIA lately so I’d recommend finding your way around if you can’t afford to wait for a reply.