How long is the GitHub GraphQL API offline?


I’ve started working on a new hugo theme and I wanted to take advantage of the GitHub APIs and thought using the GraphQL API would be neat (also less painful).

I get that it’s early release and I should expect down-time, but I didn’t see a post in the forum, and on the page it shows API status as being good. In hindsight I suspect this might not cover GraphQL APIs.

Any news on the downtime?



When I first tried to access the GraphQL API, I received the message, “The GitHub GraphQL API is currently offline for maintenance.” It turns out it’s a 401 response and that I wasn’t authorized, so it’s just a bad error message.

As soon as I added the header “Authorization: bearer MY_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN” everything was working as expected.


Sorry for the confusion here! I believe we’re returning an incorrect error message from the API when you try to access it unauthenticated. The GraphQL API requires authentication. If you authenticate, you shouldn’t see the incorrect error message. I’ll make sure we fix the error message shortly. Sorry for the trouble!


We’ve got this fixed up now. <3


Hi guys, I really appreciate you took the time to fix this.
I didn’t have the time up to today to actually test that it works (or that I got my bearer token wrong).
I will post an update this afternoon.